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Factory Warehouse Cargo Storage Lift

Mobile Caddy Pics

Custom Extended Caddy & Garage Cargo Lift

Custom Extended Caddy & Garage Cargo Lift c/w Sled & Motorcycle

Mobile Caddy on the garage floor ready to be loaded.

 Mobile Caddy and motorcycle at the top of the Garage Cargo Lift.

Quad on the Mobile Caddy ready to be pushed into a corner somewhere in the

garage or ready to be pushed onto the forks of the lift and raised up

out of the way.

Golf cart on the Mobile Caddy .

Tractor lawn mower on the Mobile Caddy.

Snowmobile on the Mobile Caddy.

Snowblower, tools.and peat moss on the Mobile Caddy

and raised up out of the way on the Garage Cargo Lift.


There are many safety features on the Garage Cargo Lift ... click "faqs".

For a video showing the Garage Cargo Lift and Mobile Caddy in action, click on the following: Video

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Not only is the Garage Cargo Lift a storage device but it also serves as a repair and work platform that can be adjusted to variable heights. Sure saves your back and knees when you want to work on your unit.


Email: Info@GarageEvolution.net