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Q & A


More for Less Money!

Compare the Operational and Safety Features of the industrial grade Garage Cargo Lift and Mobile Caddy to those of similar units and you will see the "Value Added" in our product at a significantly lower price!


1. Why buy a Garage Cargo Lift & Caddy?

Everyday Storage / Protection / Space Saver / Mobile / Residential & Factory Multi-use / Cost Effective / Industrial Strength

So easy to use you can use it everyday.

a. Protect your units (motorcycle, quad, side by side, trike, spyder, snowmobile, ride'm lawnmower, atv) from damage by vehicles and people bumping into them.

b. Protect your unit from the damaging elements of the weather.

c. Less expensive than adding onto your garage.

d. Less expensive than building an appropriate storage shed in your yard to store it. The Garage Cargo Lift takes up no extra property ... not even floor space.

e. Gives you and your spouse more room in your garage. Because the lift and caddy use up no floor space and no extra side space you have more room for another big toy or other items you wish to store.

f. Gives you easy access to your unit.

g. The Mobile Caddy gives you greater mobility in moving your unit around in your garage.

h. Anti-theft benefits. Gives you greater security by keeping your unit visually and physically away from those who wish to vandalize or steal it.

i. You can park your vehicle or another unit under the lift.

j. It is much less expensive than similar products.

k. It takes up less space than similar products.

l. It is easy to use.

m. It has a safety stop system to prevent lowering of droping.

n. It requires almost no additional side space to use, giving you more room in your garage.

o. Saves you money in the long run by protecting your unit.

p. Makes a great gift for you or your spouse.

q. Makes your spouse happier because your unit is not always in the way and there is more room in the garage.

r. Allows you to buy that motorcycle, quad, side by side, trike, spyder, snowmobile, ride'm lawnmower, atv because you now have room in your garage for it and you can protect your investment.

s. The Garage Cargo Lift can be used to service your unit at any height you wish. It also allows you to access your unit from below.

t. By clamping a sheet of plywood to the forks it can be used as a general work bench at any height you wish. eg. woodworking, metal working, painting etc.

u. The mobile caddy extends the use of the lift by allowing you to easily move your unit around the garage.

v. The mobile caddy provides for a safer experience in loading your unit by allowing you to load the unit onto the caddy while it is away from the lift.



1a. What can be stored on the Caddy and Garage Cargo Lift?


a. Motorcycle http://www.garagecargolift.com/glcmcpics.htm

b. ATV / Quad http://www.garagecargolift.com/glcquadpics.htm

c. Trike http://www.garagecargolift.com/trikes.htm

d. CanAm Spyder http://www.garagecargolift.com/trikes.htm

e. Snowmobile http://www.garagecargolift.com/gclsmpics.htm

f. Riding lawnmower and garden tractor http://www.garagecargolift.com/gcltractorpics.htm

g. Quad / ATV http://www.garagecargolift.com/gclquadpics.htm

h. Side by Side http://www.garagecargolift.com/glcquadpics.htm

i. Golf Car http://www.garagecargolift.com/gclgcartpics.htm

j. Go Kart

k. Miscellaneous storage items: http://www.garagecargolift.com/gclstoragepics.htm

l. tool boxes http://www.garagecargolift.com/gclstoragepics.htm

m. snowblower http://www.garagecargolift.com/gclsmpics.htm

n. lawnmower http://www.garagecargolift.com/gclstoragepics.htm

o. woodworking machines

p. camping gear

q. spare tires http://www.garagecargolift.com/gclmcpics.htm

r. convertable hardtop


2. What is the weight capacity of the Garage Cargo Lift?


The capacity of the lift system is 1200 pounds.


3. What are the materials and machines used in the Garage Cargo Lift?


a. Industrial strength steel.

b. Six 2000 lb. industrial follower bearings for a total of 12,000 lbs.

c. Grade 8 bolts, washers and lock nuts.

d. Two 6000 lb.triple pulleys for a total of 12,000 lbs.

e. Industrial grade cable hoist .... (Canada / UL / USA) approved.

f. 4200 lb. industrial grade cable.


4. What are the materials used in the Garage Cargo Caddy?


a. Industrial strength steel.

b. Grade 8 bolts, washers and lock nuts.

c. Four heavy duty swivel wheels.


5. What is the cost of the Garage Cargo Lift and Caddy?


$Call for pricing (plus delivery and applicable taxes.)

Well worth the cost to secure your motorsport investment and make room in your garage.

$1000 less expensive and many value added features compared to the competitor's product.

* The most significant feature difference is our caddy (deck) being mobile thus allowing you to move it when you want to load, unload and just temporarily relocate your unit in your garage. A fixed permanent deck, as with our competator's product, has many limitations ... See # 6 below.


6. Compare our regular price and features to similar products!


a. Our price is $Call for pricing plus applicable tax and delivery.

 Our competitor's product is $3000.

b. Our lift capacity is 1200 lbs, equal or better than other products.


c. We include a Mobile Caddy in our price, giving you more flexiblility and mobility options in moving and storing your unit.


d. Our lift easily loads from the front and requires only 2" clearance on the side (not side loading requiring 15' to 20' side loading space as with our competitor's lift which has a permanent deck).


e. Our lift is attached to 7 studs (not 2 studs).


f. Our lift has a built-in emergency stop system.


g. Our delivery costs are low. Their delivery costs are as much as twice that of ours.


7. What is the purpose and advantage of the Garage Cargo Lift Mobile Caddy?


a. The Mobile Caddy (deck) allows you to easily load the caddy with your unit onto the lift from the front thus you do not have to allow for 15 - 20 feet of loading space at the side of the lift as is necessary with the competition's lift. This allows you to use that side space for other things and eliminates your moving all those things every time you want to put your unit on the lift.


b. After you drive your motorcycle, quad, golf cart, CanAm spyder, trike or snowmobile onto the caddy, it allows you to easily move it anywhere in your garage where there is spare floor space, should you want to use the lift for other purposes. You can easily move it in and out of a corner. The caddy is on four swivel wheels.

c. You can put in a complete floor on your caddy and store things like in question 1g. This is easily moved around and easily placed on the

Garage Cargo Lift.


d. The caddy also serves as a woodworking, metalworking or assembly bench that can be set at any height. It can then be raised out of the way when not working on your projects.


e. If you are going to use the caddy for only a motorcycle, you can decrease the width. The holes for the swivel wheels are already drilled for that configuration.


f. With the Garage Cargo Lift and Caddy you can vary the deck length and width according to you needs as per the unit you are storing and working on.


8. How high of a ceiling is needed to make the Garage Cargo Lift work ?


It depends on the height of the unit you wish to place under the lift and the height of the unit you wish to place on the lift. The Garage Cargo Lift can be mounted in a garage with a ceiling of 8' and higher. The forks of the Garage Cargo Lift will rise to maximum of (5' 3") 63 inches from the floor to the bottom of the forks.


9. Do you have to reinforce your garage wall to support the weight?


No, you do not need extra reinforcing! The force is distributed approximately 80 percent to the floor and approximately 20 percent outward from the wall. The force on the wall is spread over 8 lateral feet which normally would be on 7 studs, depending on the distance between studs ... 24" or 16" centers.


10. How is the Garage Cargo Lift installed?


The lift can be installed by you or by a contractor. Detailed installation instructions are included with each Garage Cargo Lift. The lift is completely assembled except for the simple attachment of the forks. The caddy is not assembled but is easily put together. You can vary he length and width of the deck on the caddy by using longer boards.


11. How much is the shipping cost?


Of course, it depends on the destination.

If you would like to order a Garage Cargo Lift, email for an exact shipping quote: email Info@GarageEvolution.net

Please include the city and postal code to which you wish delivery. Also, include whether you wish to pick up the lift at the trucking terminal (the least expensive option ... 1/2 ton truck or small trailer is good enough) or you wish to pay extra for delivery to your residence or business.


12. How do you get the motorcycle, quad, golf cart, snowmobile, CanAm spyder, trike or miscellaneous storage items onto the Garage Cargo Lift ?


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZMIF49_tL8

Drive the unit onto the caddy or place the storage items on the caddy and push the caddy over the lift forks from the front.

The Garage Cargo Lift is a front loading system and requires 2" clearance on each side. You won't need to move 10' to 20' of stuff, at the side of the lift, each time you want to load the lift as with the competition's lift.

Interesting how the competition's video is in garage with little to nothing else in it. If you have that much room, why do you need a lift?

If you have a garage like most people, it is full and a Garage Cargo Lift is required to give you room for your vehicles and a second toy ... a small price to pay in order to protect your investment in that expensive toy.


13. What prevents the Garage Cargo Lift from lowering by itself over time or does it have to be locked?


The pulleys, the electric motor and the automatic stop system will prevent the platform from lowering. To lower the caddy you have to disingage the stop system by pulling and holding the stop system rope. If you let go the caddy stops. Unlike hydraulic or air lifts that could lose pressure over time, the Garage Cargo Lift will not sink onto your vehicle or onto other items that you have stored below the platform.


14. Is there an emergency stop system?


Yes! We have an emergency stop system that will stop the lift in its tracks.


15. What happens if the motor stops working?


The motor can be removed or replaced while the Garage Cargo Lift is fully loaded. The Garage Cargo Lift will not self lower with the motor removed. This is made possible by the engagement of the emergency stop system.


16. How do you prevent unauthorized raising or lowering of the Garage Cargo Lift?


There is a lock system on the controls of the lift motor. When you are done, just press in the controls lock system and leave the lift with the emergency stop system engaged. Also, hang the control cable unit and the release rope out of reach of children.


17. Do we make higher sizes of the Garage Cargo Lift ?


Yes, with a special order you can get a lift to reach any height. See #27 on this page. Email for more details.


18. What is the drive mechanism that lifts the Garage Cargo Lift ?


The lifting system is a 110v electical cable hoist.


19. What is the warranty?


Warranty : The Garage Cargo Lift comes with a one year limited warranty.


20. How heavy is the Garage Cargo Lift?


The industrial quality Garage Cargo Lift weights 370 pounds (168 Kg). The caddy weighs 150 lbs (68 Kg).

Why does it weigh this much?

It is made of industrial steel so that your machine will stay up where you put it without risking damage to the machine or whatever you put below it.


21. Can you raise the unit only part way or do you have to totally raise or lower the unit?


You can stop the unit at any height. The Garage Cargo Lift works great as a vertically mobile workbench and as a repair or maintenance platform for your unit. You can use it to work on your motorcycle, etc. You can even access your unit from below.


22. What electrical power does the Garage Cargo Lift use?


The Garage Cargo Lift requires a standard 110 volt outlet.


23. Where is the motor?


The motor is located on the back side of the forks at the bottom of the carriage. It is out of the way of any of the units mentioned in this document.


24. Can the forks be removed without taking down the lift?


Can the forks be folded upward? No, we feel it is too risky to us a folding hinge at the carriage side of the forks.


25. What is not included in the Garage Cargo Lift Package?


a. The wood for the caddy deck and the wall hangars.

b. A motorcycle chock.


26. How do I pull the Mobile Caddy?

a. It is suggested that you attach a rope, through the deck wood, to each of the 2 sides or the front and back (depending on what works for you).


For further information on the Garage Cargo Lift click on the following: Contact Us


27. How is the Garage Cargo Lift Packaged for Shipping?

See the attached picture below:


28. Is this lift applicable to Warehouse Storage and Factory Storage?

Absolutely Yes!


Warehouse & Factory Cargo Lift

(An adaptation of the Garage Cargo Lift)

The Garage Warehouse & Factory Cargo Lift is also a, multi height, zero floor space storage system for warehouses and factories.

This storage system especially lends itself to manufacturing factories with its zero floor space, materials accessability without a forklift and adaptable height features.

Take advantage of your wall space without sacrificing floor space.

Need more space in your warehouse or factory?

We can show you how to do that!


Free Up Your Floor Space!


Store Materials, Parts and Products on your walls with easy touch of a button accessability without using floor space!


Need access to your manufacturing materials and parts without using a forklift?



The Warehouse & Factory Cargo Lift takes up Zero floor space.


A. Included:

1. Warehouse & Factory Cargo Lift ... any height.

2. Mobile Caddy


B. Uses and Procedures of the Warehouse Cargo Lift:


1. Truck to Lift Mobility:

a. Load the materials, parts or products directly from the truck onto the caddy.

b. Push or pull the mobile caddy and materials to the Warehouse Cargo Lift.

c. Option: Pick up the caddy and materials with a forklift and transport it to the Warehouse Cargo Lift.


2. Storage on the Warehouse Cargo Lift:

d. Place the caddy and materials on the Warehouse Cargo Lift forks and lift it all up and out of the way with zero floor space used.

e. The materials, parts or products are now available at a touch of a button without using a fork lift.

f. The floor space is left clear for movement through the warehouse (factory) or becomes additional storage space.


3. Warehouse Cargo Lift to Work Station or Loading Ramp:

g. Press the button and the mobile caddy comes down with the materials, parts or products.

h. Push the mobile caddy with materials, parts or products to the work station or loading ramp.

i. Return the caddy and materials to the Warehouse Cargo Lift and lift them out of the way again.


C. Price:

The price varies with the height of lift(s), weight capacity and quantity required.


For further information on the Warehouse & Factory Cargo Lift or a quote click on the following: Contact Us


Standard track heights come in increments of 8'.

Custom heights are also available.

Multiple levels of storage available on the same unit.


Click on the following for more information re: the Warehouse & Factory Cargo Lift:

Contact Us


Email: Info@GarageEvolution.net