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Factory Warehouse Cargo Storage Lift

Garage Cargo Lift & Caddy


 (References for product quality and company integrity are available upon request.)

Purchased a garage cargo lift about a year ago.  At the the time I had a two car garage with 2 cars and motorcycle, I needed to get more storage for newly purchased sled. This was the next best thing next to a three car garage for me, and at a fraction of the cost! Installation and operation of the unit is very straight forward.  I am happy with the purchase and would definitely not hesitate to recommend the product!

Adam W.


Like a lot of guys I have too much stuff in my garage and not enough space.  Being in the logistics field I've always wondered how I could take advantage of the wasted space just below the ceiling.  When I saw the Garage Cargo Lift I knew it was what I needed.  After a very easy install process I was in business.  I store my motorcycle on it during winter months and in the summer I store the hardtop to my wife's convertible and snow removal equipment.  I would recommend the Garage Cargo Lift to anyone that needs more space in their garage. 



"With a standard double car garage and two motorcycles and two cars, I needed a storage solution.  The Garage Cargo Lift solved my problem perfectly!  One bike is on the lift and the other is underneath allowing me plenty of room for the cars.  The installation was done professionally with great care and I am impressed with the quality of the unit.  I would recommend this product to anyone looking for more garage storage space.

Art B. -- Edmonton, Alberta"  


With living in the city and not able to have a shop in the back yard, I am able to utilize all the space in my two car garage. At the time of my purchase of the Garage Cargo Lift I had a full size truck, car, snowmobile, and two dirt bikes among other stuff that took up too much space in my garage. With the Garage Cargo Lift I was able to put my snowmobile on it during the summer with my summer seasonal items underneath it. Come winter I put all my summer seasonal items on the lift. My garage has never been so clean and organized since my purchase. I would recommend this system to anyone who is looking for a fast and easy way to organize their garage.

Brian J


I am very happy with the lift. Has been a space saver for me in my garage and is very easy to use.


I have a large garage. With a large garage comes a lot of equipment and big toys. I needed a place to put my motorcycle and snow removal equipment. I came across the garage cargo lift ... a perfect solution to my storage problems. In the winter I store the motorcycle on the lift and the snow removal equipment below. In the summer I reverse it.

The lift is handy for working on my bike and other equipment. It is nice to be able to work with the bike at various heights. Makes it easier on my bad back and knees because I can stand up straight and not be on my knees on the cold concrete floor all the time.

I sometimes place a sheet of plywood on the lift forks and do woodwork and metalwork on it. I can adjust the height, to my needs, at the touch of a button. I like the safety feature of the automatic stop system. It allows me to work safely and not worry about it lowering or dropping.

I could have added onto my garage but it would have cost more than ten times the cost of the lift and taken up more of my property. It would have cost me more to build an appropiate sized storage shed outside on the yard.

It is nice to see my motorcycle up on the lift in the garage every day. It reminds me of the enjoyment I can look forward to when spring arrives.

This lift is very cost effective and well worth the small investment in order to keep my motorcycle away from being scratched or dinged by my vehicles and out of the harsh outside weather.

I saw, on the website, that someone had hung his winter tires behind the lift. Great idea! I'm going to do that in my garage. I am considering getting a second garage cargo lift for my renovation equipment. I would love to get that out of the way too.

I highly recommend purchasing the garage cargo lift as a very efficient and cost effective storage and work unit. It is easy to install and easy to use.



I had something entirely different in my mind when you talked about the lift but this looks a whole lot better than I imagined it would be.

When I saw the price I was floored, hope you can make some money if you can sell it at that price.

Cheers, Matthew F

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