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Factory Warehouse Cargo Storage Lift

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(Patent Pending) 

(Personal, Warehouse & Factory Applications)



Ultimate Daily Storage Space Saver & Repair Lift

 Individual, Dealer, Distributor & Manufacturer Inquiries Welcome

Tired of not having enough room, in your garage, for your Motorcycle, Quad, ATV, Side by Side, Snowmobile, UTV, Golf Car, Go Kart or Ridem Mower or vehicles?

Create more space in your garage, warehouse or factory!

Protect your Investment from the Weather and Damage!

Don't leave your vehicle outside! Don't buy a shed! Don't add to your garage!

Too costly!


Garage Cargo, Repair Lift & Caddy

Out of the weather and out of the way using zero floor space in your garage.


Email Info@GarageEvolution.net for pricing

Individual, Dealer, Distributor & Manufacturer Inquiries Welcome


(Click on the following pictures to see examples)

Garden Tractor Lift, Ridem Mower Lift, Motorcycle Lift, Snowmobile Lift, Golf Car Lift, Go Kart Lift, Quad Lift, ATV Lift, Storage Lift, Spyder Lift, Trike Lift, Side By Side Lift, Garage Lift, UTV Lift,

Garage Storage, Garage Cargo Lift, Cargo Lift, Motorcycle Storage, Snowmobile Storage, ATV Storage, Spyder Storage, Trike Storage, Snow Blower Strorage, Side by Side Storage, Garden Tractor Storage, Ride Mower Storage, Golf Cart Storage, Quad Storage, ATV Storage, UTV Storage.  


For detailed information click on the following: FAQs (Q & A)


A great gift for you or your spouse!

The Garage Cargo Lift (patent pending) is an electrical garage lift for storage of Men and Women's big toys and other storage, as indicated above.


The Garage Warehouse Cargo Lift is also a, multi height, zero floor space storage system for warehouses and factories.

This storage system especially lends itself to manufacturing factories with its zero floor space, materials accessability without a forklift and adaptable height features.

It takes advantage of your wall space by lifting up your stock and products above the activity below without sacrificing floor space.

The lift comes with a caddy that allows you to easily move your materials around in your factory.


Zero Floor Space

It is designed to enable you to store your large heavy toys, products and materials in your garage, warehouse or factory without sacrificing floor space.

If you have a garage, like most people it is full and a Garage Cargo Lift is needed to give you room for your vehicles and / or a second toy.

The cost of a Garage Cargo Lift is a small price to pay in order to protect your investment from damage and the weather.

I am sure your spouse would appreciate the extra room in the garage.


The lift comes with a caddy that allows you to easily move your unit around in your garage. Store your motorcycle, quad, golf car, atv, side by side, go kart, trike, can am spyder, snowmobile, lawnmower / garden tractor and other storage items, leaving that floor space for other things ... like your car or a second toy. There are many safety features on the Garage Cargo Lift ... click "faqs".

For a video showing the Garage Cargo Lift and Caddy in action, click on the following: Video


On the top of each page you will find the links to pictures of different big toys on the Garage Cargo Lift.


Not only is the Garage Cargo Lift a storage device but it also serves as a repair and work platform that can be adjusted to variable heights. Sure saves your back and knees when you want to work on your unit.



Call for pricing

Individual, Dealer, Distributor & Manufacturer Inquiries Welcome


Send an email to friends and associates

who have a Garden Tractor, Ridem Mower, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, Golf Cart, Quad, ATV, Storage, Spyder, Trike, Side By Side, Garage, UTV and may be able to use this space saving lift.



Sample Email & Email Procedure


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2. Select / copy / paste the following onto your email Subject Title line:

"Re: Garage Cargo Lift supports Ride 2012


3. Select / Copy / Paste the following email text into your email:

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This may be just what you need to free up space in your garage and you can help support Ride 2012 at the same time.

I came across this great zero floor space garage storage work lift and caddy for Motorcycles, Trikes, Quads, Side by Sides, ATVs, Golf Carts, Snowmobiles, Garden Tractors, Ridem Mowers and Misc. Storage Items.


Email: Info@GarageEvolution.net